The season has started

It should have begin a few days earlier in Sölden. However, the blizzard had started and on the glacier and none of the lifts were operational. After two days, Bogdan and myself, left the glacier dissapointed, and headed towards Stubai.

We arrived at about 3PM and due to the high winds, the lifts weren’t working here either. The city was dramped with rain. On the second morning, looking through the window, we saw everything covered in snow. What a great surprise! We started the season with true powder. It was foggy, but visible enough to guide the way. We stayed for two days and then headed towards Hintertux.

Next, we were to meet with Maria, Vlad and Adriano. On our first day in Hintertux, the weather was great, but then 5 days of harsh winds and fog followed. The last day was sunny. We couldn’t believe it and we were waiting for the whiteout to start any minute, but it ended up being a perfect day.

After a week, Vlad and myself stayed for another two days. We decided to go to Kitzsteinhorn to see what it’s like there. It hadn’t snowed and it was very crowded so we ended up enjoying the scenerey mostly.

We went back home and snow was announced in the forecast.

After two days, the weather had calmed down and we went up to see how it is. I had a gut feeling. Cloudly at the bottom, sunny on top. The valleys had snow. My first white line was on a narrow path with small jumps. Afterwards, I built a kicker... of course.

The season has started!

"The snow and the mountains have become our landscape, our real world." - Georges Simenon