End of August finds me daydreaming about snowboarding. I miss the squeaky sound made by snow while carving or skidding, I miss seeing at least a patch of snow, even the smallest one on the mountains.
It's like this "I'm in a meadow before sunrise, I take my head out of my phone and I see myself wearing snowboard boots and on my left I can see my snowboard. I know it's not a dream because everything around me is still green and behind me I can see a strip of road. I see a longboard passing by and it hits me: There no snow where I can use my board .... but that shouldn't stop me from going down the mountain!"
This is a script that got imprinted on my mind from the moment it was brought up by Sergiu. It took me a second to think about it and I was on board with the idea.

Putting it into action was something a lot different. Everybody was confused about how its going to go down, Andrei, Tibi, Sergiu and even myself were wondering how to put it into action but not Cristina she was having fun no matter what.
The first day was tense with a little bit of disappointment and of course a little bit of drama. I realized after the first tumble that my options to stop were either with the help of Tibi or the surrounding scenery 😁 .If I would try and lean sideways the snowboard would slip off, If I would try to jump I would land back on the longboard ... my only options were to lean on the front of it and try to steer.
Things started to fall into place afterwards. I was able to control both boards so everything loosened up. Alina joined us in the meanwhile and between the shooting sessions we were making fun of all sorts of situations from before.
This was fun! we said. So it was decided: A shooting session during winter time will take place here at the Red Mountain. This session put a smile on our faces and made the short wait till the winter season a little bit more bearable.

Come on winter!

"The trees and the mountains have become our landscape, our real world." - Georges Simenon