After Winter 2018 - The Story

July 30 - August 04, 2018, Bucegi Natural Park - România

I took a deep breath and started to take out the luggage...

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My Winter Story

nov 3 2017 – mai 5, 2018

My winter in photos.

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After Winter 2017 - The Story

July 02-08, 2017, Bucegi Natural Park - România

After packing our supplies, we made our way to the cable car. Jumping on the last lift...

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August 29-31, 2016, Cheia, Red Mountain - Romania

"End of august, before dawn and I find myself in a glade. Though it's summer...

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After Winter 2016 - The Story

July 21, 2016, Bucegi Natural Park - România

Although the season was not that generous this year in regards to snow the valleys still had enough...

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After Winter 2015 - The Story

August 13, 2015, Bucegi Natural Park - România

The season has officially ended, the slopes have been shut down and all of...