After Winter 2018 - The story

I took a deep breath and started to take out the luggage. Much of the cable car was full with our equipment. We finished unloading and then we headed stoutly towards the last patch of snow.

Shortly after, a light rain began to fall and then the sun came out. As the last month had been rainy and windy, we were prepared to face all weather conditions. We put on the raincoats, set up a convenient route, so as not to arrive too exhausted before putting our boots on, and then we went on. The night was falling, the wind started to blow and then it started raining. I put on the headlamp and started to set up camp.

After a a few hours’ sleep and some paranoid thoughts, I woke up before the alarm and got out the tent. It was 6 a.m. The weather was calm, so I put my hands in my pockets and headed towards a peak where the sun comes out first. I went back through a lateral valley, where we had left the food out overnight, started organizing a place to eat, hoping that Marius would wake up soon. It took me an hour to mark off the area for the kicker, and then I began digging. In the meantime, the sun came out, Marius woke up, we had breakfast and coffee, and then got the work started.

It rained the following couple of days, the weather was foggy and the wind was blowing. The next day seemed to be getting warmer, so we started to work at night, until our headlamps batteries went off. A little fox was snooping around. I got used to all the noises and begun to sleep better, except for the times when Marius’s snoring woke me up suddenly. One night, after the last check before going to sleep, we found the jar of honey inside the tent. I put it next to Marius’ feet and started thinking about something else.

The little bees were a sign of sunny weather, so I smiled first, before I opened my eyes. We finished the kicker and started to ride. On Saturday evening we were heading back to the cable car and off the mountain. It was past midnight, we look ahead and smiled.

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Camera Marius & Vio

Thank you Marius, Vlad, Sergiu, Adina, Patricia, Iulia, Marika, Lory & Raul.

"The snow and the mountains have become our landscape, our real world." - Georges Simenon