After Winter 2017 - The story

After packing our supplies, we made our way to the cable car. Jumping on the last lift was part of our plan to avoid the touristy madness. Up on the plateau, it was misty and hazy, but in a momentary window, I managed to show Marius a snow strip next to the Costila relay. It’s the area in which the action will take place in the upcoming week. We arrive at our chalet in the evening, unpack, prepare our backpacks, shovels and we head out to the spot. Two days ago, we surveyed the terrain, so this is a sure shot. We delimitate the area and start cooling off in the frozen snow. After 30 minutes the rain starts and we insist with carrying on with our work until the weather takes a turn for the worse.

The next day, the sky was overcast and we experienced rain, hail fog and unstoppable wind. We strived to shoot time-lapses without success and towards the end of the day we were lucky enough to get a two-hour window for our footage. The next two days were rain free and after 17 hours of works, we’re starting to see and enjoy our end result. Sergiu was eagerly awaiting to start his drone and get the first shots. However, the day had almost passed…

In the following day, we get lucky to snowboard for about two hours. However, then the weather turned and clouds, rain and wind made their appearance again. We tried to get a shot of the sunset, but it was all in vain.

Our hard work was taking its toll on us. After last nights' hail storm, the kicker shrunk considerably. After getting to the site, we turned on the music, made a cup of hot tea, allowed the flocks of sheep to pass and said hello to the sheepherders, which have become our friends by now. We then proceed to reshape the kicker and gather as much snow as we can. After the work is done, we take a short break and the jump sessions begin. It’s almost 8PM and the shadow casts itself on the plateau – this is definitely the last snowboard day of the season. Smiling, I gaze towards the kicker and realize how lucky I am.

Clouds at dusk, mist at down, and the wind is becoming difficult to bear. We gather our stuff, descend from the mountain, and enjoy a reflective moment of relaxation. It’s been a great week 🍻

"The snow and the mountains have become our landscape, our real world." - Georges Simenon