After Winter 2015 - The story

The season has officially ended, the slopes have been shut down and all of my friends are talking about their summer plans. I accepted the fact that summer is here and started working on the appropiate gear for it. A shovel and a backpack are a must aside from the usual board,gloves(+spare gloves,we all know slush gets everything wet really fast),helmet and plenty of water. April was just kicking in and I remeber thinking to myself that my friends from the cable car will be seeing yours truly and Adriano at least till the end of July enjoying what's left of the snow we love so much.

In order to get to what was left of the snow it meant taking the cable car from Busteni to Babele and then going by foot. As it was just April there was quite a bit of snow left so I decided to build the first kicker in a valley close to Caraiman cabin. It was early morning and the sky was so blue that it hipnotized me to wonder around 10 minutes on snowboard down the valley before I started working on a kicker :) As I was working on it I realized that if I would continue and finish the landing also I wouldn't get a chance to test the thing because it was so far from the cable car - it took me 1 hour to get back! the once hard snow after a day of sun turned to slush and each of my steps would take me waist high into it but as we all learn from mystakes the next days I had a feline aproach to the snow so I would not sink in it. With this in mind I actually convinced Adriano to venture on a trip to that kicker ...just once as he didn't come back again until we changed the location closer to the cable station.

;">Enough was enough, our next location was built just 5 minutes away from the cable station - a two kicker line which based on how you were feeling had a really nice approach line to it. This was the line that held up the most and was the closest so I could invite friends over for some fun.

When you have this kind of terrain to work with and limited snow tricks become somewhat limited and it's really important to keep a balance between going big or going home. If you work too hard to build a line in the snow you're so exhausted that you don't have the energy to try anything after but then again if you don't you're doing UFO's to flat and then you get hurt so with this in mind I tried to focus on style.

I'm so proud that Adriano managed to hold his first rotation tricks, nailed a tail grab, nose grab and shifty stalefish and also I really enjoyed the visit of Adina, Ella and Paul on the 1st of June but you can read the whole story about this here. At the mid of June I had a nice trip in mind with Sergiu in order to shoot something nice but alas the weather didn't help at all so we ended up going to the Caraiman Cross and did a photo shoot - more about it on - Snow Hunters.

Even if the snow was disapearing everyday and was getting muddier and muddier I continued until I realised that it was more work than fun so at the beginning of July I gave up and started focusing on summer activities.

"The snow and the mountains have become our landscape, our real world." - Georges Simenon